Measuring The Performance of Your Facebook Marketing

Many business use Facebook in their social media marketing efforts, but a good many of those people who do and most of those who don’t is the fact that they do not know how to measure its performance.  Analyzing your performance is obviously important in just seeing the numbers and how many people you are reaching, but it is also extremely important in perfecting your individual plan and optimizing your techniques.  A great tool for this is Facebook Insights.

This is a very simple tool that can be used to compare certain things that affect your performance.  It allows you to view the performance of each post.  You can see what type of posts are the most effective (picture, video, links, text) and at what time each of those are individually effective.  This could lead you to develop your own schedule of posting content at the most effective time.

Another key in deciding when to post is Facebook Edgerank.  This is similar to Google’s PageRank system.  What these do is take into account different quantifiable factors into how frequently a post shows up on the news feed of Facebook users.  You’ll find that this is not as much of a mystery as it seems, especially when you can look at the analytics and see Edgerank working how it is supposed to.

Probably the most underrated part of Facebook Insights is the ability to export the data to an excel file.  When you do this, the information displayed in the excel is far greater than displayed on Facebook Insights.  When I say far greater, I’m talking about 50 times the information.  With all the marketing data that’s available on Facebook, it is truly mind blowing the data gathered by FB insights.

So use this to your advantage and measure the performance of your overall FB marketing, of your different techniques, and gather that valuable marketing information.  To learn more about your posting, visit this article featured on

Nick Gagliardi

Advantage Title Company

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